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Lucciana Costa

Lucciana Costa guitar Nashville

Lucciana Costa is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Nashville, TN. Born in West Virginia, she was primarily raised in Michigan. Her Appalachian roots on her mother's side combined with the New York City jazz history of her father's side are both still prevalent in her wide-ranging music career today. "I love the honesty of country music. Country music teaches you how to say what you feel, and the fact that a song like 'Crazy' is just as heartfelt and straightforward and applicable to life today as it was the day it was released...that is the staying power of country music."

But there's more than country to her sound. She's the granddaughter of jazz pianist and vibraphonist Eddie Costa. She grew up singing in choirs, playing in youth jazz ensembles, training in classical piano and, when she turned 12, playing slide guitar in bars at night with local bands. "I wasn't at my best most mornings in school," she laughs.  

That eclectic taste has followed her around her whole life. Before settling in Nashville, she lived in Los Angeles, composing music for documentaries and performing piano pop-rock songs she wrote. She spent time in New York City after that, doing professional concert photography in the indie rock scene. It all has added up to her unique perspective as a writer now, chasing artistic honesty through shifting genres, cities and creative scenes.

In 2016 she co-founded the Americana duo King Margo with bandmate Rachel Coats. The two women's sharp wit and soaring harmonies caught the attention of independent record label Torrez Music Group. They released their latest album "Waters Rise" in 2022 and have looped the country many times over bringing their high-energy show on the road. In 2017 she began playing dobro with Gabe Lee, appearing on each of his increasingly successful albums. Together over the years they have played everywhere from a Thai restaurant to the Grand Ole Opry. 

Despite her wide range of taste, Lucciana writes with a through-line of careful observation. Her songs are often a blend of sad and hopeful, pretty with a seed of darkness, or tough with a sense of light. "I'm obsessed with the grey areas of humanity," she says. "We're never just one thing. Music is the only way I know how to hold myself accountable, or even to really know myself at all. If you know yourself, you can know the whole world. You can love deeper. Music just gets us straight to the point." 

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